I want to thank you for your contribution in helping us achieve our stated objectives for the Youth Day event. In a very professional and invigorating facilitation of the group, you ensured that all participants were actively involved; in fact, the degree of interaction you achieved among such a diverse group of attendees from all across Canada was wonderful.

Andrew Thomas
Pride and Recognition
Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
Ottawa, Canada


Ginette Morel’s facilitation style enabled participants to be open to change and self-reflection. Participants were encouraged to set goals and believe in themselves. Excellent coaching and support was provided to participants on an ongoing basis to enable them to achieve their goals. Ginette was very focused and dedicated to our individual/organizational learning needs and made a positive impact on our office.

Dave Marshall
Special Advisor to the Director
Canada Revenue Agency
Regional Tax Services Office


I have more than 35 years experience with coaching in Sports and have been trough coaching and mentoring in my professional career since 1985, but working with Dr. Marcus Mottley as my coach, I consider as my best coaching experience.

He was able to connect with me at first sight and created an environment of trust and harmony. He could easily feel my passion for my hobbies as well as my work and was able to use that as a source for coaching. He was also able to create an atmosphere in which I was willing to share my deepest and unspoken feelings of fear and uncertainty. Dr. Marcus used different, but easy exercises to evaluate your own behavior and help you to focus on your personal and professional goals. The mapping of my Transformational leadership Journey  and effectively holding difficult conversations, I found extremely helpful.

Working with Marcus as a coach made me feel comfortable to speak my mind and share whatever there was to share without any fear. If there were clouds in the air, they were gone after every session. I am now able to see myself deep inside, feel and understand my emotions and use them to my advantage. As a person and a professional  I am now better aware of my behavior towards people and can better understand and appreciate how others think and feel. I have experienced a tremendous development of my emotional competencies by working with Marcus as my coach. He is the best.

Michael H. Watson
Former Permanent Secretary of Sports
Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs


Although I was somewhat dismissive my coach, Ginette Morel was excellent. She helped me to embrace what I once feared; build confidence where there was doubt and to recognize the difference between strength and weakness. As a result of my coaching experience I have no doubt that Ginette has opened something in me that may be locked away in others and not only would I recommend coaching to my colleagues but to anyone who wishes to discover their potential for personal and organizational development.

Konata Lee
Secretary to the Cabinet
Government of Antigua and Barbuda


Coaching with Dr. Mottley unlocked some of the issues that have prevented me from growing as a leader. One such issue is my fear of public speaking which has haunted me from childhood. My coach has helped me with this and now I am even a member of Toastmasters International! I have had other deep lessons learned as a senior official in the Government such as how to deal with both challenging issues and difficult people.

The experience I gained from coaching with Dr. Mottley cannot be duplicated.

Beverly Airall
Ministry of Finance
Antigua & Barbuda


One of the things that stands out from my coaching sessions with Ginette, is her lesson in “being”.  She has helped me to focus always on who I am being, who I desire to be, and how to achieve the latter; and has lifted me to a new level of thinking, leading and being.

Undoubtedly, I am a more rounded individual and better leader because of Ginette’s coaching.

Currel Thompson
Senior Technical Officer
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Rural Transformation
St Vincent & the Grenadines


From the beginning of my career I have always had the privilege of having a strong support system both personally and professionally so I was a bit doubtful of how Marcus with his calm, stoic appearance could help me. Fast-forward one year and I can say without any reservation that the time I was privileged to spend with Marcus was well spent.

Marcus helped me, a young exuberant leader, to understand my strengths and to be sure of what I brought to my organization and to the people in my life. He was able to help me to see my weakness, not in a negative light, but as areas to grow and new challenges to conquer.

At one point during our time together, I had to respond to a significant organizational shift and he helped me to define a path for myself and gave me tools to navigate that path. It was a blessing to have someone listen keenly, stimulate your mind to see multiple possibilities and then empower you to achieve.

I am grateful that I found Marcus at this early stage in my career and I sincerely wish that more young professionals get this outstanding privilege.

David Tomlinson
Technical Officer – Metrology
Regional Organization for Standards & Quality


Ginette’s coaching sessions were truly transformational and helped to improve my self-awareness and better prepared me to deal with most situations in a positive manner.  Her sessions always seemed to energize and empower me to believe in myself, to explore possibilities and to make a difference.

Brian Roberts 
Maritime  Officer
Government of Barbados


As a participant in Caribbean Leadership Program I was assigned a coach – Dr. Marcus Motley. This aspect of the programme helped me to better understand myself as a person and as a leader. The leadership emotional assessment or EQi was very informative on how I behave naturally in situations, something I at times did not realize. It gave me a unique insight into how other people perceived my actions. The program equipped me with the tools to grow and eventually succeed as a good leader. I am truly grateful for the opportunity for the opportunity to have Dr. Motley as my coach.

This Executive Coaching component is a component that helped me explore my leadership style, develop and provide leadership at a higher level. Having Dr. Mottley as my coach equipped me with a support mechanism that helped me navigate the transition at the top after the change of government in Antigua and Barbuda 2014. Additionally, It has helped me better understand how to interact and work with different personalities and provides techniques to lead and coach teams. Finally, it also equipped me to appropriately and professionally navigate the difficulties that are sometimes experienced after administrative changes. The coaching became even more appreciated during difficult experiences at work, church and home interactions. I am certainly better equipped to lead, motivate and coach a team and handle personal and professional challenges than I was before my coaching experience with Dr. Mottley.

Edison Joseph
Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Public Utilities, Civil Aviation and Transportation

Government of Antigua & Barbuda


Coaching is essential to leadership as breathing is essential to living. Starting from the point of view of being someone who did not want anyone ‘up in my business’, Coach Ginette was able to help me build that trust to share openly on my journey to becoming the person I am today. Soon I was eagerly looking forward to the monthly coaching sessions and the victories that they would bring to my personal, family and work life.

Doreen Prendergast (Mrs.)
Chief Technical Director
Ministry of Transport, Works and Housing , Jamaica


Dr. Mottley has helped me to fundamentally change not only my approach to leadership but my overall approach to life. I am more calm, deal way better with stressful situations in a highly sensitive environment, and communicate better. And, for me, the real evidence of this is how my staff and my peers respond to me.

I have learned how to be more effective at controlling both my emotions and my reactions so that I am much more strategic in my interactions and decision-making.

Jose Guevera Montero
Manager Human Resources
(US Government Department)


With Ginette as my executive coach, I have a completely different approach to leadership and to engaging stakeholders especially my direct reports and those to whom I have to report to. Ginette’s coaching was invaluable. Her style of engagement was not one of judgment but understanding and she provided the tools I needed to understand how others may perceive me in my interactions with them. I have learned to identify the barriers and key performance issues that were hindering my leadership growth and development and I am confident that the indispensable lessons will serve me well as I continue to climb the leadership ladder.

Rohan A Richards
Principal Director,
Ministry of Water, Land, Environment & Climate Change


I was exposed to my first Coaching experience at a Caribbean Leadership Development Programme. At first I was very optimistic and then when I heard about the executive coaching aspect of the program I became very skeptical. After seeing the results of my emotional intelligence assessment I decided to approach the mandatory coaching with an open mind.

Marcus Motley was assigned my personal coach and we commenced on a journey for which I will be forever grateful. His Coaching methods are not one of telling what to do, giving explanation to situations or answering questions asked. I was helped with the understanding, synthesizing and analyzing the tools taught at the Leadership programme. Of paramount importance to me was my self-growth manifestation. The Coaching sessions allowed me to know and understand my weakness and strengths. We agreed on ways of improving my areas of weakness while sustaining the strong areas or even improving the strong areas.

As my Coaching journey continued, I realized how important Coaching is in several ways. These include strengthening self-confidence, understanding others, maneuvering in difficult situations and balancing your work life with your personal life. I can confess that Coaching has made me a better leader/manager. During the Leadership Programme, I was faced with some challenges on the job and because I was undergoing my coaching sessions, it was easier for me to deal with the issues in a mature and professional manner.

Professionally and otherwise, I will emphatically recommend Coaching to anyone, but most importantly to persons aspiring to any position of management or leadership. This will certainly assist with one’s self-development and with the understanding of others, thus improve your chances of success in Management and Leadership.

Javan Williams
Permanent Secretary,
Government of Grenada


Coaching looks at the “human side of leadership” and addresses integrity, trust, responsibility, commitment, accountability, acknowledgement and completion. It inspires individuals to realize their full potential and is a path to success.  I gained a new focus, expanded energy, and saw endless possibilities.  There is no doubt in my mind that my partnership Ginette was instrumental to me managing and accepting my new role after the general elections in 2008 which in my opinion was very challenging.  Undoubtedly for me this partnership was nothing short of life-changing.

Allison Audain Miller 
Permanent Secretary,
Government of Grenada


The experience was a life changing one, as Ms Morel ably walked me through the process of self analysis and self awareness as a leader and as a person. Through her patient thoughtfulness, skill, professionalism and understanding, I was empowered to handle the challenging and difficult situations that confronted me as a leader in my organization as well as my personal life.

Karen Clarke-Davis (Mrs.)
Chief Technical Director
Ministry of National Security, Jamaica