At Caribbean Executive Coaches we offer:

  • Individual coaching for executives and managers
  • Group and team coaching for relationship building and team performance improvement
  • Leadership development at all levels of the organization
  • Organization strategic planning, climate assessments & productivity enhancement
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Training seminars & workshops

Our roles include training, coaching, and developing leaders at all levels of the organization – from the boardroom to the mail room. We focus on challenging fundamental assumptions that shape people’s actions and help them to develop possibility thinking, set challenging goals and achieve outstanding results.

Every organization, large or small has its blind spots. We call them “blind” spots because most people are completely unaware of the issues that stunt their growth and that of the organization! Many people at all levels of an organization may be over invested in old habits or practices that are no longer effective, yet they continue hold on to and, worse, use them. They often say, “It’s the way we’ve always done it”, or “it’s worked well in the past.”

Ask yourself: “What would be possible in my organization if my entire staff were trained to think and to question things instead of being on automatic pilot? What results would we produce that are different from what we produce now? Would my organization act like the one we’ve always known? Or would there be a tangible and exciting difference in how we perform, how we communicate and the results we deliver?”

The fact is we have no idea what people are capable of when their creativity and drive is positively focused on creatively solving everyday problems and embracing exciting opportunities.

We at Caribbean Executive Coaching know how to help leaders, managers and staff at all levels access the mindset and perspectives that will allow them to be focused, inspired, and perform better and be more productive. We know how leaders and others tap into high levels of positive energy and focus it on the vision, mission goals and tasks.

Not sure we can deliver? Check out our testimonials, then contact us for information on how we can help you and/or your organization.

Person in need having a counseling session

“OK… I see it now… I really have to let go of my biases… It’s really hard though… After all these years… Wow! But I do want to develop a better leadership style and engage my staff more deeply…!