Missed Opportunities…

Over the years, I have worked and coached many people with difficult issues and situations and I am in awe of the changes that people are willing to make. Human beings are resilient and able to invent and create amazing possibilities when minds get focused on the task.

I have also observed something else that I call the ‘missed opportunities’. I often listen to people’s suffering and wonder why has it gone on so long? The stories are rich with heartaches and pains and most of the time the understanding that a change needs to happen is there. So… what is missing?

Recently, a colleague gave me a lead of a person that really was having a difficult time and could really use the opportunity to work with a coach.  This person had more than most in terms of personal accomplishments, education, financial stability, community etc. Our first conversation revealed how the person had really lost the desire and passion to create a powerful future. The big question for them was “How can I be happy”?

People find themselves in this situation at times in life, where the possibilities cease to exist and we stay locked up in the bottom of the funnel wondering why we can’t see new ways. The moment this occurs is an opportunity for an action. It doesn’t matter how much smartness, mastery, wisdom we may have because the opportunity to be supported is always there to explore.

The person chose not to commit to working with a coach because either fear or confusion came to cloud their commitment. All I can say is, it was a real missed opportunity.

Making a change is not easy, yet we often find ourselves demanding it of others. Looking at what works in our life and what doesn’t work is difficult and often the very first opportunity is to seek support from someone that can help them identify the blind spot.

If you want to make a change in your life, big or small the first challenge will be: “how do I get this done?

We often get stopped before even allowing ourselves to process the experience of what the results could be.

My point is for anyone who is in this position: “Don’t wait, and seize the opportunity.”

Look around and work with someone that you trust to help you to move forward. The opportunity to be supported is always there to explore. Sometimes it’s as simple as realizing that certain actions that we were familiar with for so long are no longer sufficient to produce the future that we say we want.

Don’t miss your opportunity to explore a powerful future.

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