Coaching for Designing a Powerful Future

Written By Ginette Morel

Context: What would be possible in your organization if you could access greater resources to accomplish significant results in the face of what appear to be insurmountable challenges?


  • How can you influence the organizational culture?
  • How can you access effectiveness in relating with others?
  • How do you find confidence or provide it for others?
  • How does one make choices in pursuing what is really important to them and to the organization?
  • How do we live life fully?

Effective leaders understand that a key to meeting organizational challenges lies in the development and empowerment of themselves and their employees. Leaders who use coaching as one of their leadership tools or practices can be more effective in aligning individual goals with organizational objectives, communicating effectively with others and initiating actions that generate successful results.

Coaching has the potential to transform and alter people’s lives. In order to attain the  results intended we have a few requests of you:

  • When working with a coach, you need to be present, focus and willing to let go of some deep fundamental beliefs about yourself.
  • Be ON and authentic with your conversations. Listen through a lens of ‘possibility’ versus ‘it can’t be done’.
  • Be aware of the language that is used during your conversations. It creates a new reality. We often forget that our language as well as the listening we bring will give us access to see a different perspective.

First conversation:What is real?

We want you to imagine for a moment that in life, there are three things happening at the same time.

  • Who you are being
  • That gives you the action that you take
  • That gives you the results that you have

We do not produce results in life, we take actions that gives us the results we have. Results are a function  of the actions we take. So then we could say: All there is to do is ‘get into action’. In organizations and in our lives outside of work we have often taken actions that kept us producing the same results.

Who we BE  in life is what gives our actions and it is very shortsighted when we look only to the actions.

Working with a coach has the potential to reveal some of the stops and blind spots that we have in our being.

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